Are You Tired of?

  • Spinning your wheels, running in 15 directions all day

  • Trying things that don't actually solve the problem

  • Unable to find the root cause of the problem

  • Working longer and longer hours without results

Fix This Next

Is the ultimate diagnostics tool for every entrepreneur, small business owner, & business leader to drive results they desire most.

Fix This Next pinpoints the exact next step you need to take, and as a Certified Fix This Next Coach, I can help get you there!

Can Help You:

  • Know exactly what is most important to focus on next in your business

  • Get out of "busy" work and do what will be effective

  • Fix problems in the right order at the right time

  • Move consistently in the direction of your goals

Accelerate Your Business Growth

3 steps to get you there

  • Pinpoint your company's most vital need

    Take the 10 minute business evaluation now!

  • Fix the vital need

    We help you stay focused and realize success.

  • Watch your company grow!

    You will have a new vital need and we will fix that and your company will grow and you will grow.

As a business owner you are the #1 reason why your business success and the #1 reason why your business struggles. Get the help your need to unlock your business's potential.

Joshua Schumm

Certified Fix This Next Coach

Business Hierarchy of Needs

A business can't grow until baseline needs are met.

As a Certified Fix This Next Advisor, we start by examining your basic needs for cash flow and profit. Then, you can elevate your business into a profitable, sustainable lifestyle business or a legacy enterprise that thrives indefinitely. As a Fix This Next Coach I can help you take your business where you want to go.

Accelerate Your Results

There is a better way- Working more hours isn't it. Fix This Next has your answer.